Maison Bo-M, in collaboration with the British Council, is going to celebrate the 8th edition of the Riyadh Fashion Days (R.F.D) to launch the new Spring/ Summer 2016 collections of local and regional designers from March 4th, 2016 to April 30th, 2016 at the gallery space in Nojoud Mall, Riyadh. The R.F.D is a talent-hunt opportunity like no other.

The vision is to establish a solid ground for the Saudi fashion industry. Many local designers have made their footprint in the industry through Maison Bo-M and are now well established in the Region.

The R.F.D is conceptualized as a fashion showcase dedicated to women’s ready to wear, evening wear, Abaya, fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, bags, scarves, shoes and Hair accessories.

This season, the R.F.D is going to feature a fine selection of a new pool of talented designers with a modern and contemporary vision.

The R.F.D is a response to the increasing number of local designers with a passion for fashion and looking for a career in fashion. In a continual bid to recognize and support new fashion talents, Maison Bo-M serves as an incubator and has become a fashion talent hub for all those interested in moving forward in the industry.

About British council

British Council, as the UK’s international organisation for education and cultural relations, run programmes in partnership with local and international organisations that provide expertise in areas such as youth and social entrepreneurship, equal opportunity and diversity, migration, social inclusion and engagement.

We aim to build trust, increase engagement and share knowledge and expertise through developing collaborative projects between partners in the UK and MENA.

By 2020 we will have engaged directly with 75 million people in the Middle East and North Africa. This will be done through face to face, exhibitions and festivals, as well as direct online engagement.

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